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Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone is a range of modern techniques that transform uncomfortable, traditional dentistry into simple, pain-free treatment.

Waterlase laser

The Waterlase laser is an innovative method for preparing teeth for root canal treatment and fillings, without using a drill. We can also use the Waterlase for gum re-shaping during minor oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry. Read more on Waterlase

Laser decay detector

Gone are the days of examining teeth with sharp instruments to check for decay. At Wayside Dental Care, we now use a laser device that shines a beam of light through the tooth, instantly analysing the reflection to determine the presence of decay. Research has shown that the laser decay detector is up to 60% more accurate than traditional methods, and it is able to spot decay at an earlier stage. The technique is painless and this technological advancement means that we take fewer x-rays.

Needle-free fillings

Here at Wayside Dental Practice we can now repair your teeth without having to use a drill or a needle, thanks to the CrystalAir Abrasion System. This innovative system eliminates the need for anaesthetic, meaning your fillings will be pain-free and you won’t feel numb afterwards! The CrystalAir Abrasion System uses a controllable stream of particles to quickly remove unwanted tissue from the tooth. The white filling placed after the procedure will be better bonded as a result of the air abrasion technique. Drilling can create micro-fractures in the tooth, whereas this technique leaves the tooth spotless.

The Wand

The-Wand-STA-picture The Wand painless injection system was developed to replace the traditional syringe in dentistry. It is a small computer connected to a simple pen-shaped device that delivers local anaesthetic in a comfortable and gentle way, so that you will barely notice the sensation of an injection at all. The Wand also reduces numbness after treatment, so you will be able to talk and eat with ease once treatment is completed.

Digital x-rays

Our x-rays are now taken digitally. Not only do digital x-rays provide better images, they also help us to plan your treatment more accurately.