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Cosmetic Dentistry

Here at Wayside Dental Practice, we know that a healthy and attractive smile can do wonders for a person’s self-esteem. We understand how the appearance of your teeth can affect the way you feel about yourself. We will listen to your concerns and help you achieve your desired result using cosmetic dentistry.

You are welcome to come in for an informal chat to discuss any concerns you may have about your smile. Based on your ideas, we will make an assessment and provide appropriate treatment options, helping you choose the best one for you. We can then begin to design your new smile.

Designing your smile

To help with the design process, we use computer imaging and diagnostic wax to create a vision of what your new smile will look like:

  • Computer imaging involves taking a photograph of your smile and using the latest technology to digitally alter the picture, so it displays exactly how the changes would appear.
  • We can transform the computer image into a 3D model using diagnostic wax, enabling us to check the aesthetics and functionality of the proposed design from every angle before treatment begins.

One of the most extraordinary advantages of our smile design techniques is that we can trial your new teeth before any of your restorations are even created.