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Dental Hygiene and Periodontist

One of our main priorities at Wayside is preventing oral disease. We want you to have good dental  hygiene and general health and offer a range of services to enhance your oral health and keep gum disease and tooth decay at bay.

Dental Hygienist

Regular visits to the hygienist can help prevent oral health disease and ensure your gums and teeth are healthy.

It is now possible to book an appointment directly with the hygienist without being referred there by your dentist. This means you do not have to be registered with a dentist at our practice to see the hygienist

Hygienists can

  • Clean your teeth thoroughly and remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and gum line.

  • Polish you teeth to remove stains and give them a glossy finish.

  • Provide you with expert tips and advice about all aspects of dental health.

  • Advise on tooth whitening.

  • Help deal with bad breath and how to keep it at bay.

Visiting the hygienist will leave you with a fresh, deep clean feel.

Airflow Polishing

Airflow is a new hygiene cleaning treatment that delivers a mixture of air, water and sodium bicarbonate at high pressure through a small nozzle onto your teeth. It is an innovative method of dental cleaning that successfully tackles staining caused by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking, leaving the teeth feeling cleaner and fresher than ever before. Although it is not a whitening treatment, Airflow will instantly improve tooth brightness leaving you with a noticeably sparkling, brighter smile. The treatment takes 30 minutes.


A periodontist is a specialist in caring for the gums and you would be referred to our periodontist if you have symptoms of advanced gum disease. Advanced gum disease, if left, is bad for your general health and will eventually result in loss of teeth. Our periodontist uses advanced techniques and surgery to deep clean gums, and remove diseased and decayed tissue to restore your gums back to full health. Once treatment is completed, regular check-ups will be arranged to monitor your progress and a maintenance programme will be drawn up to prevent any further problems.