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Treatment Price
Adult Exam £49.00
Adult Scaling £57.50
18-21 Exam & scaling £39.50
6-17 Exam £30.50
0-5 Exam Free
Emergency consultation adult £49.00
Emergency consultation child £30.50
Emergency call out £131.50
Hygiene appointment or Airflow £64.50
Hygiene Saturday appointment £75.00
Child hygiene appointment £32.25
Periodontist-inital Exam £145.00
X-ray small £8.75
X-ray panoral £38.75
Fissure Sealant £39.50
White Composite Filling from £96.75
Root canal treatment £214.00 - £643.00
Extraction from £96.50
Ceramic Crown from £804.00
Gold Crown from £827.00
Veneer £659.50
Bridge (per unit) £803.00
Dental Implant £1,523.50
Implant Abutment £683.00
Nightguard from £107.25
Dual laminate guard from £194.00
Sportsguard £107.25
Home tooth whitening £428.50
Whitening top up kit £77.25
Whitening strips £63.25
Enlighten tooth whitening £642.75
Full Invisalign £4,393.00
Invisalign Lite £3,429.00
Invisalign 17 £2,356.75
CT Scan £103.00
CT Scan large £206.00
CT report £103.00
It is our policy to give patients full information about the cost of their treatment before work is undertaken. For more complex treatments, a full written treatment plan and costing will be sent to the patient and discussed in a follow up appointment. We offer patients a range of payment options.

Wayside Oral Care Plan

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to join The Wayside Oral Care Plan, as we believe this provides the best chance of keeping dentally healthy, and therefore reducing the need for treatment. It allows patients to budget for their routine dental care.

Wayside Oral Care Plan patients receive a 20% discount on the above fees up to a maximum of £1,000 worth of treatment in a calendar year. All treatments are guaranteed for a year.

Our Oral Care Plan includes

  • two dental health examinations per year
  • two scaling appointments with your dentist
  • all x rays
  • oral cancer screening
  • smile analysis
  • 20% discount on our private fee scale on all treatments up to the value of £1000 per year
  • emergency assessment visit (excluding treatment)
  • one white filling per year up to the value of £90
  • diet and oral hygiene advice
  • membership card with 24 hour helpline numbers for dental emergencies at home or abroad
  • Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme
If you would like any more information about our plan, please speak to Christina, our practice manager, or to one of our receptionists.

To provide our patients with the best care possible we also offer:

  • Digital X-rays to reduce exposure to radiation and enhance diagnostics.
  • The Wand, painless anaesthetic delivery system.
  • Laser Decay Detection, to identify and treat caries at an early stage
  • Air-Abrasion, a drill free, painless and silent cavity preparation.
  • Laser Dentistry see our information leaflet.
  • Free of charge smile analysis and cosmetic imaging.
  • Specialist Periodontist see our information leaflet.