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Laser Dentistry

Waterlase Laser

Robin Horton is at the forefront of laser dentistry in the UK and Wayside Dental Practice is one of the few practices in the UK to have hard/soft tissue lasers. Robin and Amit both have this type of laser which is highly versatile and can be used in almost every aspect of dentistry-

  • Fillings – The Waterlase can be used to place fillings without any need for anesthesia or drilling, meaning they are pain free and you won’t feel any numbness afterwards.
  • Root canal treatment – The laser can be used to remove and sterilise the infection, allowing for faster healing time.
  • Gum disease – The laser can reach areas that other dental instruments can’t. It also stimulates bone and tissue growth around the area.
  • Dental Implants – The use of the Waterlase laser is extremely beneficial in the placement of dental implants:
    • It allows the implant site to be prepared with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue as it is very precise-it is accurate to one tenth of a millimetre.
    • There is minimal bleeding and often no need for stitches.
    • Laser surgery dramatically reduces or eliminates inflammatory response, so there is much less discomfort following surgery.
    • Lasers sterilise as they work so virtually eliminate the problem of infection.
    • Lasers also promote healing of hard and soft tissue.
    • There is nothing else to match it in surgical procedures.