Dental Fees

Price List 2019

TreatmentsPrivate Fees
Adult Exam£50.50
Adult Scaling£59.25
18-21 Exam & scaling£40.50
6-17 Exam£31.50
0-5 ExamFree
Emergency consultation adult£50.50
Emergency consultation child£31.50
Emergency call out£135.50
Hygiene appointment or Airflow£66.50
Child hygiene appointment£33.25
Periodontist-inital Exam£149.50
X-ray small£9.00
X-ray panoral£40.00
Fissure Sealant£40.75
White Composite FillingFrom - £99.75
Root canal treatment£220.50 - £662.00
ExtractionFrom - £99.50
Ceramic CrownFrom - £827.00
Gold CrownFrom - £852.00
Bridge (per unit)£827.00
Dental Implant£1,569.25
Implant Abutment£703.50
NightguardFrom - £110.50
Dual laminate guardFrom - £200.00
Home tooth whitening£441.25
Whitening top up kit£79.50
Whitening strips£65.00
Enlighten tooth whitening£662.00
Full Invisalign£4,524.75
Invisalign Lite£3,531.00
Invisalign 17£2,427.50
CT Scan£106.00
CT Scan large£212.00
CT report£106.00

Wayside Oral Care Plan patients receive a 20% discount on the above fees up to a maximum of £1000.

All treatments are guaranteed for a year

To provide our patients with the best care possible we also offer:

  • Digital X-rays to reduce exposure to radiation and enhance diagnostics
  • The Wand, painless anaesthetic delivery system
  • Laser Decay Detection, to identify and treat caries at an early stage
  • Air-Abrasion, a drill free, painless and silent cavity preparation
  • Laser Dentistry see our information leaflet
  • Free of charge smile analysis and cosmetic imaging
  • Specialist Periodontist see our information leaflet

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