Oral Care & Hygiene Care Plans

Wayside Dental Practice
02, Nov 2020

“Prevention is better than cure”. A wise-old saying or hackneyed cliché? Well if you’ve worked in dentistry as long as our experienced team at Wayside Dental you’d be thinking there’s much ... Read More

Improving the Appearance of Front Teeth

Improving the Appearance of Front Teeth
Wayside Dental Practice
07, Jan 2020

The appearance of your front teeth has an enormous impact on your smile and confidence. If you are happy with your teeth you will smile more readily and have improved confidence in social situations. ... Read More

Tooth Whitening

Home Whitening
Wayside Dental Practice
25, Nov 2019

Tooth whitening is an extremely popular treatment, especially now that everywhere you look on TV, in magazines and on social media, you see white smiles. The reason why is that it instantly takes away ... Read More

Looking after your child’s teeth

Wayside Dental Practice
12, Jun 2019

Parents often ask us: When should I take my child for their first dental check-up? When will my child’s teeth appear? How can I help my child maintain their oral health? What type of t ... Read More

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