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Dental implants are one of the most popular long-term solutions to missing teeth

We have been placing them here at Wayside Dental Practice for over 20 years. For patients looking for Dental Implants in Harpenden, St Albans, Hertfordshire and beyond, Dr Robin Horton provides all levels of implant expertise from single dental implants to more complex multiple dental implant cases including full mouth reconstructions and computer guided dental implant surgery.

The benefits can be life changing, providing the answer to any embarrassment or discomfort caused by missing teeth or loose dentures. Recent technological advances make dental implant treatment much more straightforward even where there is little remaining bone, for a single tooth, several teeth or even all of your teeth.



Dental implants are our treatment of choice compared to other solutions because…

  • They look and feel like natural teeth while restoring normal function and appearance.
  • Our patients often tell us that treatment has been life changing and has made a huge difference to their ability to socialise and not worry about what they eat.
  • Patients’ self-confidence, their appearance and general quality of life are likely to improve.
  • An implant-retained crown has a similar appearance to a normal crown and appears to emerge through the gum naturally.
  • Replacing a missing tooth with an implant avoids having to cut into adjacent healthy teeth to support a dental bridge.
  • The presence of the dental implant will retain and improve the bone around the missing tooth area, maintaining facial structure by preserving the shape of the jawbone.


Why do we use Nobel Biocare implants?

nobel biocare

We use the Nobel Biocare dental implant system and hold an extensive stock of their components to provide the precise implant for your individual needs. The Nobel Biocare system is the most established world-wide and is considered by leading implantologists as the gold-standard system for dental implants.

Noble Biocare’s reputation for extensive research and innovation, both in their implant components and guided technology to aid placement, matches our philosophy at Wayside to continually invest in the best technology and staff.

We’ll never use low cost, low quality implant substitutes as these can lead to failure later on and also do not provide such an aesthetically pleasing result.

dr robin horton

Meet Dr Robin Horton

Dental Implantologist and owner & principal dentist at Wayside Dental

My main interest is in dental implant placement and a few years ago I was one of the first dentists in the UK to trial X-Guide 3D Dynamic Navigation. This system which we now use at Wayside has completely changed the way implants can be placed, making surgery safer, more accurate and the outcome highly predictable. With the X-Guide:

  • Implants can be placed within 0.2mm of accuracy and less than 1 degree of deviation from the path, ensuring they are placed in the bone as planned.
  • Throughout surgery I get real time feedback on where I am. And the software allows me to plan where to put the implant and virtually place the final crown, similarly to the engineer of a new structure,
  • I can ensure the load of your bite is spread correctly, whilst still ensuring good aesthetics. Using the laser allows me to do this minimally invasively and treat the area to speed up healing and reduce inflammation.
  • My passion for learning extends to teaching which takes me all over the world, lecturing on a variety of laser and dental implant related subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium that are surgically placed into the jawbone. They serve as a strong foundation for replacement teeth.

How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of dental implants varies widely depending on factors like the number of implants needed, and any additional procedures that may be required. Take a look at our dental implant fees page for guide prices and also consider our patient finance offer to help spread the cost.

Are dental implants painful?

The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia using The Wand, so you won’t feel pain during the surgery. There may be some discomfort and swelling post-surgery, which can be managed with pain medications prescribed by your Wayside dentist.

However, most commonly (and most often reported by our implant patients) there is minimal discomfort as we use guided surgery and dental lasers. Guided surgery requires only a tiny incision so there is less trauma to the surrounding tissues. Dental lasers are used at different stages of the implant treatment, so inflammation is greatly reduced, and healing is turbo-charged.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Maintaining oral hygiene, including brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups, is essential to ensure their longevity.

Can anyone get dental implants?

Most people are suitable candidates for dental implants, especially with guided surgery as we can ‘find’ good bone and guarantee that we can place the implant in it. However, implants cannot be placed is your gum health is poor or if you have no bone left at all. Certain health conditions can affect implant treatment too.

Is the dental implant procedure safe?

Dental implant procedures have a high success rate and are safe when performed by experienced professionals.

How long does it take to get dental implants?

The procedure begins with data collection from CBCT scan and intra-oral scans. The placement will be planned prior to surgery. After surgery, the implant will need time to integrate into your bone. We can place temporary teeth on dental implants and will always do this in All-On-Four cases or when aesthetically required. The final restorations are usually placed 3 months after the implant placement. We can, in emergency situations, place and restore implants on the same day.

What are the alternatives to dental implants?

Alternatives include dental bridges and removable dentures. However, dental implants are often considered the most stable and natural-looking option.

Do dental implants look and feel like natural teeth?

Yes, dental implants are designed to look and feel like natural teeth. They provide a stable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing solution for tooth replacement.

Can smokers get dental implants?

While smokers can get dental implants, smoking can increase the risk of complications and slow down the healing process. We often recommend quitting smoking or reducing tobacco use to improve the chances of a successful implant procedure.

If you are looking for an affordable Dental Implant treatment in Harpenden, St Albans and to find out if Dental Implants could be your solution to missing or loose teeth, contact us today to arrange a consultation or book online.

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