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Smile Gallery

Single Dental Implant with X-Guide Navigation and Laser

In this case, the infected tooth was removed with the laser to preserve the thin bone, and an implant was placed using x-guide navigation to protect and be able to make full use of the thin bone. A temporary crown was placed for aesthetics and to preserve the gum tissue. The laser was used to heal and encourage gum growth for aesthetics, and bone growth for stability. The laser was also used to reduce pigmentation.

Composite Bonding

In this case Saneel used composite to restore tooth wear cavities along the gum line which have exposed the roots of the tooth.

Composite Veneer and Laser with Saneel

This lovely patient was always bothered by their small tooth and very low gumllne. Saneel carefully sculpted the gum with the use of a laser to create a natural appearance. He followed this with a freehand composite veneer to blend the tooth into the patient’s smile.

Composite Bonding

Freehand composite bonding to restore an old fractured and discoloured filling.

Composite Bonding

Direct composite bonding to close up large uneven spaces. Recalculated the proportions of the teeth to allow for the best aesthetic outcome.