T-Scan bite analysis

T-Scan bite analysis

T-Scan bite analysis

Here at Wayside we carry out treatment to the highest possible standard, invest in the latest training and technology, which in turn gives our patients the best possible outcomes.

The way that your teeth bite together is very important. If you have excessive force in a particular area it can cause problems. In some cases, this imbalance can lead to natural or restored teeth breaking or feeling uncomfortable. Symptoms of bite imbalances can include pain, discomfort, headaches, neck tension, localised bleeding gums, teeth becoming loose, fillings dislodging, cusps of teeth fracturing, dentures feeling poorly balanced and more. In many cases there are no symptoms and the patient is unaware that the bite is uneven but there may a risk of breakage if the imbalance is left untreated. If we are planning to restore any of your teeth, we want to know that we are leaving your bite as balanced as we can.

The traditional way to check your bite was with carbon paper to show ink spots on your teeth where they make contact. This process has not changed for decades and interpreting these marks is highly subjective. Luckily there is a 21st century, digital tool that takes the guesswork out of balancing your bite. It is called the T-Scan and research has shown that this tool drastically improves the dentist’s ability to clearly see what is happening in your bite and release process, which gives you the best possible outcome in terms of how comfortable you feel and how long your teeth and restored teeth will last.

The T-Scan bite check procedure is completely painless and non-invasive. Your dentist will place a sensor in your mouth, which is a thin wafer of flexible plastic and ask you to bite up and down a few times. Then we will show you a movie clip on our computer screen, frame by frame of your whole bite and release process. This scan shows the various forces on each tooth at any moment in time and shows any excessive forces very clearly.

This information is invaluable to us as clinicians as we can check your bite before, during and after a course of treatment and ensure that we leave your bite at least as well balanced as before – maybe much more so. We can make minor adjustments where we need to, by slightly building up teeth where necessary or removing tiny amounts of excessive filling material for example. The result is that our patients feel more balanced and comfortable, their restorations last longer, and we know we are using the very best methods to ensure that we achieve excellent results.

This is just one way that we invest in the best equipment to provide excellent care for our patients. You will find that we use the T-Scan routinely when we are restoring your teeth but if you are interested in seeing your bite please ask us to check this for you with the T-Scan on your next visit.

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