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Many patients suffer with headaches and jaw pain for which no cause can be found. T-Scan analysis can help.

At Wayside Dental Practice in Harpenden, St Albans, Hertfordshire we carry out treatment to the highest possible standard, invest in the latest training and technology, which in turn gives our patients the best possible outcomes. To this end, Robin Horton has trained to use the new T-Scan Analysis technology.

When patients suffer with headaches and jaw pain for which no obvious reason presents itself, sometimes this can be caused by the way your teeth meet, known as your occlusion. The way that your teeth bite together is very important and if you have excessive force in a particular area, it can cause problems. Symptoms of bite imbalances can include:

  • Pain around the jaw and headaches
  • Neck tension
  • Teeth becoming loose or fillings dislodging
  • Cusps of teeth fracturing
  • Dentures feeling poorly balanced

In cases where it is not clear what is happening, we can use the T-Scan, which can accurately measure occlusion, so it can be corrected if required.



T-Scan is an objective assessment tool used to evaluate the occlusion of a patient.

The T-Scan not only shows contact points, it also shows the degree and timing of the forces going through each tooth. This drastically improves our ability to clearly see what is happening in your bite and release process so we can see if there is an imbalance.

The T-Scan procedure is completely painless and non-invasive. A sensor is placed in your mouth, which is a thin metal foil wafer, and you will be asked to bite up and down a few times. This motion is recorded, and the software converts this data to a video which, frame by frame, reveals your whole bite and release process. It shows us the various forces on each tooth at any moment in time, particularly any excessive force.


Frequently Asked Questions for T-Bite Scan Analysis

What is T-Bite Scan Analysis?

T-Bite Scan Analysis is a technique used in dentistry to assess bite relationship and occlusion (how the upper and lower teeth come together).

Why is T-Bite Scan Analysis important?

It helps our Harpenden dentists diagnose issues with a patient’s bite, such as malocclusions or misalignments, which can lead to dental problems, headaches and discomfort.

What are the benefits of T-Bite Scan Analysis?

It helps your dentist to accurately check your occlusion and diagnose any problems.

How long does a T-Bite Scan Analysis appointment take?

The duration varies but typically takes around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the case.

What should I expect after T-Bite Scan Analysis?

We will discuss the results with you and consider if any treatment is required.

If you are interested in having T-Scan analysis or have any questions about it please call 01582 712 470 or book an appointment online below: