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Dentistry has benefited hugely from advances in computer technology

At Wayside, we have embraced these advances and as well as digital X-rays we have:

  • Cone Beam CT scans
  • Computer Guided dental implant placement
  • X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation for dental implant placement
  • Intra-oral scans
  • CAD/CAM for on-site milling of dental restorations

Intra-oral scans

At Wayside, we use Trios 3 Shape scanners which capture an unprecedented amount of detail of your teeth, their colour, and your bite (occlusion) at great speed.

  • We use these rather than physical impressions (gloopy, uncomfortable alginate) to gather data to make dental restorations, mouthguards, whitening trays and Invisalign aligners.
  • The scans can be immediately emailed to the laboratory and there is no risk of distortion. We can also merge these scans into design software to make our own dental restorations on site.
  • The data from these scans is also used merged with data from a CT scan in computer guided implant planning.
  • The data can also be stored so that your bite and tooth wear can be monitored over time. And if you lose your nightguard, we can often just send off for another one to be made!
Intra-oral scans

CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) for same day restorations

We can now produce dental restorations such as crowns on site using CAD/CAM technology, which means we can place them in a single day.

  • Using the data gathered from the intra oral scan, we can design your dental restoration on powerful computer software from 3 Shape, and send the files produced by this software to our milling machine.
  • Our milling machine is made by DGShape, a division of Roland who some of you might know make electronic musical instruments. It is one of the most accurate standalone wet milling machines that has ever been made.
  • This machine uses tiny drills cooled by water to precisely mill all kinds of dental restorations and it is quite mesmerising to watch! If you are having one made by us, and want to see it in action, please ask.
CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) for same day restorations

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