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Composite Bonding

We have been doing composite bonding at Wayside for many years. The materials are continually improvingand this helps us to provide a more natural result so that it is difficult to distinguish the bonding from your own tooth.

Composite bonding isessentially adding (bonding) white filling material (composite) to your tooth. The tooth is then polished and shaped to produce the desired result.

Composite bonding has become a highly publicised treatment as it can be used to significantly change the appearance of your front teeth, sometimes in one visit and is a much cheaper option than crowns and veneers. It is also a much less invasive option in most cases as the tooth often requires minimal preparation.

Composite bonding can be used on just one tooth, or several teeth. In cases where we are doing several teeth, the process can take longer as we get a mock-up of the result and a stent made before we do the bonding. Careful planning is also required to ensure that your occlusion (bite) remains functional after the treatment and alsoso that you don’t constantly chip the composite.

It can also be used on short, misaligned, chipped or discoloured teeth, and to address gaps between your teeth.

It can also be used to create composite veneers. This is when composite is applied to the whole surface of your tooth or teeth.

We often advise patients to whiten their teeth before they have any bonding done.

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