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Replacing missing teeth with dental implants

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants
Harpenden Dentist - Wayside Dental Practice
12, Oct 2022

Robin has been placing dental implants at Wayside Dental Practice for over 15 years and still sees many of his patients who are benefitting from these. He uses only Nobel Biocare implants and the technology both in the implants themselves and in the way we place them keeps racing on.We are lucky that not only has Robin kept up with these advances, he’s the most experienced in Europe at X-guide implant placement, is on the European X-Guide Panel, is a Key Opinion Leader for Nobel and teaches implant placement at the Nobel Biocare experience centre in Zurich. Robin also runs courses in the UK and internationally on implant placement and, his passion, Biolase dental lasers.

Why should I have an implant?

Dental Implants are the best way to replace a missing tooth or teeth as they not only look like your natural teeth, but behave like them too, which means they keep and promote bone around them to maintain facial structure, maintain your gumline (to ensure your tooth looks natural), enable you to eat normally and give you confidence socially. The power of a smile is completely underestimated! So we all need to smile more!

Can anyone have an implant?

The great thing about all the new advances and technology is that more people can benefit from dental implants. This is because we can use the new technology to find the optimum bone to place it into and use the navigation planning to ensure we place it precisely where planned.Nobel Biocare continues to invest in research so that their implant type can be chosen to provide the best aesthetic result. Patients must however be committed to maintaining good gum health to ensure the implant, like your natural teeth, will last. And some patients must restore their gum health before implants can be placed.

Is it painful?

Because Robin uses the laser to make the initial incision, it needs only be tiny and thus there is very little trauma to the surrounding tissue and no need for stitches. He also uses the laser post-placement to promote healing. This is called photbiomodulation for anyone who wants to look it up! It is so effective that Nice (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has approved it for gum therapy to avoid ulceration for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

How long do they last?

They can last as long as your natural teeth if they are looked after properly- the fact they are not cheap is usually a good incentive!

Can I have implants to replace all my teeth?

Yes- provided there is enough bone. For a full arch, we use either 4 or 6 implants and use these as anchors for a dental bridge. You would have a temporary bridge or denture while the implants are integrating.

What’s special about Wayside?

Robin is our principal dentist, and we are lucky to have his experience and expertise. Because we use dental lasers, implant placement is a much gentler experience. The X-Guide navigation system allows us to pre-plan where we want to place the implant and then generates a path for us to follow – a bit like a route that you get on your satnav. We then get real time feedback on where we are under the gum and in the jawbone to make sure we stay on path. This makes the whole process safer and more predictable and allows us to achieve the ultimate aesthetic result.

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