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The Gentle Power of Lasers 2 – Pain relief and healing

The Gentle Power of Lasers 2 Pain relief and healing
Harpenden Dentist - Wayside Dental Practice
12, Feb 2024

At Wayside, we use dental lasers in many of our treatments. They are minimally invasive and make dental procedures so much easier. We also use them for pain relief and healing and this effect from lasers is known as photobiomodulation. It is called this as the energy from laser light (photons) gives damaged cells the ability to re-charge (modulates them). Laser light also recruits other healing cells to the site, speeding up the process. You can get this effect with all kinds of light including certain wavelengths of LEDs- the beauty industry has benefitted from this. But with a diode laser, the effect is a lot more potent.

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can be extremely painful, especially when the tooth is in contact with hot, cold or sugary substances. Sometimes this can be caused by gum recession, sometimes by a tiny crack in the enamel or sometimes there might be no obvious cause. The diode laser can be used to successfully treat this, and it is also very quick!


Dental lasers can be used to provide pain relief from ulcers and accelerate their healing.


TMJ can be caused by grinding or a misaligned bite. Lasers can be used to reduce inflammation and therefore provide immediate pain relief. The treatment is quick and non-invasive. It can also be used to improve jaw motion.

Post-operative pain

Our clinicians use the laser to reduce inflammation and encourage healing after surgical procedures such as extractions, dental implants and gum treatments. Because we use lasers for these treatments too, and lasers are minimally invasive, the trauma site will be smaller to begin with. The lasers we use for surgery also provide some therapeutic effect. In fact, it has been shown that even the aiming beam on our waterlase laser energises cells!


We use lasers to accelerate healing and, in dental implants and periodontal treatments, to encourage bone to regrow. Lasers kill bacteria, so when they are used, the chance of infection is greatly reduced which also assists healing. Robin Horton has been using lasers for over 20 years and the results are astonishing.


This is an extremely unpleasant condition where the lining of the mouth is inflamed, so it becomes difficult to eat. It is a common side effect of cancer treatment. We can use the laser to prevent mucositis developing. We can also use the laser to heal the lesions and provide relief from the discomfort.

Lasers aren’t used only in dentistry. They are used by medical doctors for surgery and healing, opticians, physiotherapists and of course very widely in the beauty industry.

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