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X Guide surgery - Wayside Dental

Robin is one of the first dentists in the UK chosen to be trained in and to have the X-Guide 3D Dynamic Navigation Implant System. This revolutionary new implant system is designed by the world leaders in dental implants, Nobel Biocare. It takes digital dentistry to new level and makes implant surgery far more accurate,(within 0.5mm and under 1 degree of angular deviation), and safer than ever before. It effectively provides the surgeon with 3D navigation meaning during surgery they can see precisely where the drill is during the preparatory stage, and where the implant is during placement. The software allows the surgeon to pre-plan where to place the implantand provides a route for them to follow. The dynamic software can be used to make temporary teeth via a 3D printer and final restorations (teeth) via a milling machine.

How does the X-Guide differ from computer guided surgery?

Some dentists still place dental implants freehand, without knowing exactly where the implant is being placed, or what is underneath the gum and have to trust their judgement. At Wayside, we have been using Cone Beam CT scans and computer guided surgery for many years as this method is extremely safe and precise. Both Computer Guided Surgery and the X-Guide require a CBCT scan and pre-planning.  However, with the X-Guide surgery the scan is taken with a smart clip in place which captures all the information required to talk to the drill during surgery, so the surgeon knows exactly where the drill is under the gum line.Unlike Computer Guided Surgery, the X-Guide doesn’t require a drilling guide to be made as it shows the surgeon the pre-planned path to follow on the computer.It also gives real time feedback on the angle, path and depth of the drill and implant. The X- Guide’s advanced technology allows the surgeon to make the most precise adjustments, if necessary, during surgery for a better outcome. It is similar to the way medical neurosurgery has been done for many years.

What are the benefits to the patient?

X Guide surgery - Wayside Dental

  • It is the most precise way to place dental implants.
  • It provides us with turn by turn directions so we can see what needs to be done before we do it.
  • It is faster and more comfortable with no need to open the gum.
  • It reduces the need for bone grafts as it allows for the maximum use of bone.
  • Surgery can be performed sooner as there is no need to wait for a surgical guide.
  • It allows for same day surgery.
  • As we can visualise the virtual placement of the teeth, the aesthetic and functional outcomes are improved.

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