Digital Dentistry-3D Intra Oral Scanning
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Digital Dentistry-3D Intra Oral Scanning

Digital Dentistry-3D Intra Oral Scanning
Harpenden Dentist - Wayside Dental Practice
03, Oct 2019

What is Digital technology

Digital technology, including artificial intelligence, is rapidly advancing and we are reaping the benefits of this in the dental sector. We are now able to do computer assisted 3D navigation implant surgery, take digital x-rays and digital CBCT scans, and have a computer delivery system for anaesthesia, to name but a few.

Our most recent addition is a 3 Shape Trios Intra Oral Scanner. This machine enables us to get digital impressions of your teeth and replaces the need for physical impressions where you bite into trays filled with impression material. The scanner is a hand-held device that connects to an iPad. As we hover the device over the surfaces of your teeth, an image of your teeth is created on the iPad in front of you. It takes a record of all of the contours of your teeth and also your bite (occlusion) and when it is complete you can literally see your teeth in front of you! This digital image can be saved for future use and also sent to the dental laboratory if you are having a mouthguard, bleaching trays or a dental restoration. The digital scans are more accurate than physical scans and since they are emailed rather than posted to the lab, there is no risk of distortion, and the lab receives the impression faster to speed up the workflow. Cleverly, the device can also accurately detect the shade of your teeth.

Here are some of the key benefits of the intra oral scanner:

  • there is no need for physical impressions which patients can find uncomfortable
  • we can eventually stop using impression materials and chemicals and thereby reduce waste
  • the digital impressions are highly accurate which can improve the final result of any lab work
  • they are emailed to the lab so there is no risk of distortion
  • the lab receives the impressions faster
  • the scan can be stored and used as a future record for diagnostic purposes
  • there is less need for new impressions if you lose your guard or trays
  • it provides a highly accurate tooth shade

To find out more about digital dentistry at Wayside, take a look at our, or book an appointment to see us by calling 01582 712470.