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Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening
Harpenden Dentist - Wayside Dental Practice
25, Nov 2019

Tooth whitening is an extremely popular treatment, especially now that everywhere you look on TV, in magazines and on social media, you see white smiles. The reason why is that it instantly takes away the years and boosts your confidence, so makes you smile more. As the saying goes, ‘smile and the world smiles with you,’ and it is so true. Tooth whitening is extremely safe if done professionally with your dentist or hygienist and the results are fantastic.

Darker teeth and staining are a natural consequence of aging and this is made worse by smoking, drinking tea, coffee and red wine and not brushing effectively. Tooth whitening removes this staining and discolouration to instantly brighten and whiten your smile.

Another advantage of tooth whitening is that patients who whiten their teeth tend to show an improvement in their oral care routine. Experiencing the benefits of whiter teeth leads to better care when brushing and flossing. Good oral health can have a positive impact on your general health.

Although a simple procedure, tooth whitening should only ever be carried out by a professional dental team. At Wayside Dental we offer a range of teeth whitening options including Philips Zoom Home Whitening, Enlighten Evolution Whitening and Whitewash Whitening Strips. During the initial consultation we will discuss and carefully assess your current dental condition to find the right treatment for you and let you know what degree of whitening you can realistically achieve.

The effect of tooth whitening can last between one and three years, but this is dependent on lifestyle. Top up kits are available so that you can boost your smile as often as you like.

Philips Zoom Home Whitening

At the first visit you will be assessed for home whitening and impressions will be taken for whitening trays. Impressions can now be taken with our digital intra-oral scanner. Once these are ready your dentist or hygienist will see you to check that they fit perfectly to hold the whitening gel. After going through the whitening procedure with you, you will be given the trays and gel in a kit to start your whitening. These also come with comprehensive instructions. With Day White, you wear the trays for 30 mins twice a day, and with Night White, 4 to 6 hours overnight, usually for 14 days.

Enlighten Evolution Whitening

This system is a combination of home and in surgery whitening. You first use whitening trays every day for 2 weeks and finish with a 40 minute in-chair whitening appointment in the surgery. With this system shade B1 (the whitest possible) is guaranteed.

Whitewash Whitening Strips

This treatment is suitable for those patients who aren’t comfortable wearing whitening trays and just want to whiten their front, more visible, teeth.

Christmas Offer

Wayside Dental is offering 25% off Zoom Home Whitening throughout November and December. This offer is subject to suitability and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. If you have Tooth Whitening with Becky, our hygienist, you will also get a free Airflow treatment worth £66.50!

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