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Why do we use dental lasers?

Why do we use dental lasers?
Harpenden Dentist - Wayside Dental Practice
15, Sep 2023

I mainly answer this with a question, why aren’t all dentists using lasers?

I have been using dental lasers for over 20 years in every aspect of my practice here at Wayside in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.  From a simple filling to complex surgery, from tooth sensitivity to advanced gum disease. I also travel over the world to teach rapidly increasing numbers of dentists how to use dental lasers.

I use dental lasers because they help me, and they help you.

For me, they are more precise, minimally invasive cutting tools for all tissues, including enamel, bone and gum. I rarely use a scalpel meaning I always have a better field of vision which is important in the tiny and dark area we work in. I can be confident of more successful treatment outcomes with little, if any, discomfort to my patients and I know my patients will heal faster. The healing properties of lasers, known as photobiomodulation, is extensively researched and published, and this effect is recognised by healthcare regulators around the world, including our own, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

For you, dental lasers are precise and minimally invasive so cause no damage or trauma to surrounding tissues. They have an anti-microbial effect, so kill bacteria-and it’s bacteria that’s responsible for infection- so they are especially helpful for gum disease and root fillings and when placing dental implants. The photons, which are packets of light energy, generated by the laser are absorbed by your tissue resulting in less inflammation, faster healing and remarkably, new tissue growth. For children’s dentistry it means we can do fillings without using a drill in most cases.

So, I again have to ask why all dentists are not using better dental tools which are more precise, cause less trauma, kill infection and give your cells the energy to heal and regenerate.

Dr Robin Horton, Principal, Wayside Dental Practice