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Why do I place dental implants with X-Guide 3D Navigation?

Why do I place dental implants with X-Guide 3D Navigation?
Harpenden Dentist - Wayside Dental Practice
02, Oct 2023

Well, what exactly is X-Guide 3D Navigation?

It is a huge gaming computer with sophisticated AI software and cameras overhead.

It allows for dynamic navigated surgery which means I am in control of the direction of the implant all the way to the tip. I can see in real time exactly where it is at all times during surgery.

The X-Guide is currently the safest way to place dental implants. You can use it to plan where you want the implant to go and action that plan within 0.2mm of accuracy and 1 degree of deviation. This is remarkable precision.

What does this mean for you, the patient?

The planning is all done before you come, so surgery is much faster and you’ll have less time in the chair.

There is no guess work at any point during surgery, so the whole procedure is safer.

The precision allows me to place implants in areas where it would not have been possible with freehand surgery.

The need for more complex surgery can often be avoided, such as a sinus lifts and grafting.

There is a higher success rate as the implant will be placed in the best available bone with the right thickness of support around it.

The restoration be it a crown or a bridge will look better as the implant will be in the best angulation.

There is less chance of gum recession or failure.

I have done more x-guide implant surgery than any other dentist in Europe mainly because as a key opinion leader for Nobel Biocare, I was lucky enough to be one of the first dentists in the world to be shown this technology. I now regularly travel to Zurich to teach this to implant dentists from all over Europe.

Dr Robin Horton, Principal, Wayside Dental Practice