Dental Testimonials


  • It was a big step forward for me to locate a new dentist following the retirement of my previous dentist of the last 20 years. I had treatment by the dentist who took over from my dentist but this was not a good experience and I did not feel I could return there. It actually took me about 5 years to gain the confidence to return to a dentist, I also knew that I was most likely facing some quite detailed and complex treatment (implants to replace four very loose upper front teeth that had consequently been non-functional in terms of being able to bite anything for five years).  I completed some on line research and found the Wayside Practice and Robin Horton. I was impressed by the years of experience both Robin and the practice had in implant surgery and also that the procedures were completed using computer guided surgery, with the added  advantage of everything being able to be completed in house including CBCT scans.  From my initial enquiry and consultation to the completion  of my treatment, Wayside Practice was extremely professional and caring. At my first appointment Robin very clearly explained the possible options (denture, bridge or implants) and what each would entail this was followed  up with a very clear and detailed written treatment plans. I opted to go for implants and at all appointments Robin always ensured I understood what was to happen during the appointment which for me was very important. Having all the latest technology made the whole procedure very smooth from start to finish. The process was planned very meticulously even down to the time each appointment would last for so I knew exactly what to expect at each visit, which was very reassuring. I have been  absolutely amazed by the skill and cutting edge technology employed for my procedures. I felt nothing more than very minor discomfort, and I had no swelling or bleeding after the surgery.The process was interrupted by COVID-19 but the practice responded extremely well, reorganising the appointments straight away so that the treatment could continue as soon as they were able to safely.Now having completed my course of treatment, I am absolutely delighted with the result. I have enjoyed biting into numerous foods for the first time in years.  I no longer have to cut all my food up into bite size pieces I can eat fajitas and duck pancakes in the “normal” way.  Meals are far more enjoyable now.I also have more confidence in smiling and laughing and I feel 10 years younger. My only regret is that I did not have this procedure done earlier it has literally changed my life.

    I can confidently recommend Wayside Practice and Robin Horton unreservedly for their care, expertise and professionalism.

      Janet VIckers
  • I am delighted with the care I have received at Wayside and in particular with Sheena and her assistant, Amy. Sheena and Amy are warm, caring, approachable and professional and with them I feel entirely comfortable and at ease with any treatment. The standard of treatment is excellent and I am delighted with the results. I would recommend anyone looking for a first class dental practice to consider Wayside. It is brilliant!

      DH - April 2021
  • I have been a patient at Wayside Dental Practice for almost 40 years. During that time I have been totally satisfied with the treatment, advice and kindness I have received from the entire team. I have no hesitation in recommending this highly professional and caring practice.

    Recently, after a front tooth split and became infected, it needed to be extracted. I was extremely anxious about outcome. Robin listened patiently to my fears, answered all my questions fully and put me at my ease. Having decided an implant was the best option the whole operation was planned meticulously so I knew exactly what to expect at each visit, which, in itself, was very reassuring. On the day of the extraction, I was absolutely amazed by the skill and cutting edge technology employed for the procedure. I felt nothing more than minor discomfort, indeed, it was virtually painless. Without doubt this is dentistry fit for the 21st century.

      AC March 2021
  • It is always daunting when faced with a major decision about your health, particularly when a considerable sum of money is involved. From the initial consultation to the process itself, Wayside Practice was very professional and caring, making sure I understood what was to happen and guiding me through the decisions. Having all the latest technology made the procedures as smooth as they could be and the team, led by Robin Horton, were extremely good and reassuring at every point. The sinus lift was also daunting but the experience was better knowing that you had the best dental professionals you could.

    The process was interrupted by COVID-19 but the practice responded extremely well, reorganising the appointments straight away so that the treatment could continue as soon as they were able to safely.

    Now completed, I am delighted with work that I had done, have enjoyed my first steak in years and, more importantly, have more confidence in smiling and laughing.

    I would recommend Wayside Practice unreservedly for their care, expertise and professionalism.

  • It is nice when you can express ones delight at a job well done. My two implants at Wayside Dental Practice was a job very well done. Mr Robin Horton briefed me at the start, and all procedures were carried out with well practised efficiency. I am glad to say it was completely painless as well.

      Mr York January 2020
  • A highly recommended dental practice. Professionally run, well experienced and very friendly staff within a beautiful setting. Sheena was great with my 6 and 3 year old boys too, so much so they can’t wait to come back to get another sticker! Keep up the good work.

      Tony Charalambides – November 2019 (As provided on Google)
  • I just wanted to send an email to express my thanks to various members of the team.

    Firstly I wish to thank the lovely person I spoke to on reception who got me an emergency appointment on the day due to the pain I was in.

    Secondly I’d like to thank the lovely dental nurses who were so kind and gentle with me whilst having my x-ray and the nurse that was supporting my dentist during the consultation.

    Finally I’d like to thank the dentist that saw me. He was so gentle and considerate whilst I was in so much pain and he really took the time to investigate the problem and ensure he got the right diagnosis. He also invited another dentist in for a 2nd opinion to ensure that it was the right diagnosis and the appropriate treatment plan was found. This saved me from unnecessary surgery and helped resolve the problem.

    Everyone I saw was so kind and gave exceptional care. Thank you to everyone.

      Ms C – October 2019
  • I have always been a complete coward at the dentist, following a painful, traumatic experience as a child, so I was dreading having a dental implant when one of my molars broke beyond repair. The extraction was painless and a far less unpleasant experience than I had feared, and the implant process was totally painless. I had no pain once the anaesthetic had worn off and no swelling or bleeding. In fact, I would never have known I had had surgery. My father has had several implants by conventional surgery and there is no comparison between his experience and mine, via laser surgery. He had stitches, swelling and bleeding and I had none.

      KW – 2nd August 2019
  • I have been attending Wayside Dental Practice as a patient for over 20 years, and have always received the most professional of treatment, coupled with a warm association with the practitioner.

      B W Anthistle, 25 May 2018
  • I would like to thank Mrs Mamta Gupta for the wonderful and transforming work she has done on my top teeth. I can now smile with confidence, knowing that my teeth look very good, whereas before they were mismatched. Family and friends all agree and have enthused over the big difference. Thank you so much Mrs Gupta.

      Mrs Mari Carter, 7th April 2018
  • I have been a patient of Wayside DP for well over 40 years. This is the first time I wish to highlight my recent experience. I requested an emergency appointment to rectify a fractured tooth. Immediately I was offered an appointment the same day with Sheena Patel. My initial questions were answered clearly and professionally allowing me to be put at ease by Sheena. The whole experience was slick – and, amazingly, relaxing! Within an hour, my tooth was completely rebuilt without pain or anxiety. In my eyes, a miracle has been achieved. I am delighted with the end result. An impressive patient experience. I would highly recommend Sheena and her assistant. Thank you.

      Nick Lintott, October 2017
  • I find that at all times my dentist, Sheena Patel, is very professional and pleasant and puts me at ease. I recently had my teeth whitened and Sheena explained every step of the procedure, which I was very satisfied with. She gives me very good advice on caring for my teeth and always answers any questions I have. All in all, I am very happy with my treatment at Wayside. Also the dental nurses are very pleasant and the receptionists are always very friendly.

      Julie Stoker, October 2017
  • After an accident which resulted in four of my front teeth being broken off, I went to see Mr Horton in a pretty sorry state the next day. He sorted out the mess at once and started the high tech process of putting things right. I was soon able to smile again after several months of excellent treatment including the swift provision of a temporary plate until my implants were ready for my new teeth.

    I can thoroughly recommend Mr Horton and his team who were all very kind and professional, explaining the procedures and painlessly taking me through the process to achieve an excellent result.

      Mrs B – June 2017
  • I just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been by the care and support I received from Mr Campbell this week. I had to have a tooth extracted and during the inevitable pain and discomfort following treatment, Graham could not have been more supportive. I had great treatment from Duncan until he retired and now I can see that I can expect the same from Mr Campbell.

      Mr T – March 2017
  • I am so happy with my treatment at Wayside. Mamta is so gentle and takes time to listen and understand. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

      Mrs J Fowler – March 2017
  • Needing to find a new dentist quickly, a friend recommended Wayside. It was a novelty to walk into a dental practice where the building did not feel overly clinical but more homely, and for the more nervous among us, this helps to relax the mind a little.

    Having presented Mamta with what I considered to be a challenging problem, I was dealt with efficiently and effectively. Eager as I was to escape, I did however reflect how professional and prompt the whole service had been, with a considerable amount of skill demonstrated across a range of staff.

    From my experience, I would certainly recommend Wayside Dental Practice and if they’ll have me, Ill continue to be a nervous patient but one who is confident in their hands.

      E F – December 2016
  • After previously visiting Dr Turk with a severe phobia of the dentist, I was apprehensive when I heard he was leaving. However, Sheena was lovely and kept me calm throughout my appointment, even taking additional time to explain things and recommending best practice dental hygiene. Definitely recommend Sheena to anyone looking for a dentist.

      Ms F – December 2016
  • The practice came highly recommended and I see why. As soon as I presented my problem, which was a snapped tooth below the gum line, I was given several options including the one I elected to have-an implant.

    The treatment, care and service from Dr Sheena Patel and the rest of the team has been exemplary. The treatment took place over several months and the contact and care has been absolutely wonderful.

      Alan Daniels – November 2016
  • Eileen is great. She is so gentle with the treatment. So friendly and puts you at ease. Very professional, it’s a pleasure to visit her every six months.

      Mrs Christina Cosby – November 2016
  • Eileen is extremely professional, yet friendly too. She explained what she was doing at each stage of the treatment and was extremely gentle and thorough. It was a pleasurable experience-I never thought I’d say that about visiting the hygienist!

      October 2016
  • I cannot speak highly enough of the care I have received at Wayside Dental Practice. The approach was professional, friendly, high tech and holistic. The cosmetic dentistry I have received is second to none both in appearance and comfort. Thank you Robin and all of your team.

      Mrs T 16/03/16
  • Thank you Mr Turk for your attention earlier today. I have remarked before that you have gentle hands and the same was true again: the extraction may have demanded firmness but it was always gentle firmness. Thank you once again.

      Mr B 4/3/16
  • Over 20 years I have (and remain) very pleased with the service from Robin and the WDP team: friendly, professional, inspiring confidence and trust, and above all being flexible in meeting my occasionally urgent needs! The introduction of laser surgery for my new implant is a great example of how the practice in continually investing in patient care.

      Peter Holman 16/12/15
  • Mamta is a brilliant dentist and personality who always has a welcoming smile and is worth her weight in gold!

      Mrs Franklin
  • I found Sheena charming and professional with a manner that put me at ease. Her assessment of my dental needs was very reassuring and the treatment on the day was excellent. Thank you Sheena.

      Mrs L
  • Wayside Dental Practice is very caring, efficient and friendly, with excellent staff both administrative and professional. My dentist is Dr Mamta Gupta, an excellent dentist who is quite an artist in cosmetic dentistry. Indeed, I am so impressed with her that I travel many miles to see her and have followed her to Wayside from her previous practice. She is also especially good with nervous patients.

      Beverly Robertson
  • A modern, approachable and professional service from skilled practitioners who make every treatment and visit less stressful and more comfortable than I have known with previous dentists. Everything is clearly explained and I feel I am in caring hands.The practice is very welcoming and responds immediately if I have a reason to worry or visit between regular check ups and sessions with the hygienist. I can certainly recommend Robin Horton and his team very highly.

      Mrs H
  • Wayside is a very high quality dental practice. I have received excellent advice and highly skilled treatment from Mrs Gupta. From childhood right through to adulthood I was always frightened of going to the dentist. This is no longer the case.

      Mr P Heignway
  • I have been registered with Wayside for well over 40 years and would like to thank you for the attention I have received over this time, particularly in recent years from Mrs Gupta and Mr Turk who have provided excellent care.

      Mr T
  • This note is to tell you [Carlos] how much I appreciated your kindness and competence in seeing me and to let you know that your treatment (to save my tooth) was successful and to say thank you for all you did for me.

      Mrs G
  • Nervously, I pushed open the door and approached the Wayside reception desk. However, I need not have worried for, on meeting Amit Maisuria for the first time, I knew he cared about dentistry and would give me excellent, professional service. Mr Maisuria is thorough with fine communication skills, patiently explaining what work is required and keeping the patient informed of progress. He is ably assisted by Leanne who is reassuring, caring and kind. I left the surgery, thankful for such a competent team.

  • I would like to thank you Amit for the dental care you have given me recently. I have been really impressed and reassured by your confident, friendly and thorough manner. You removed 2 of my wisdom teeth with considerable skill-a procedure which I had been apprehensive about. I was also delighted with the recent root canal you performed which has left me pain-free for the first time in some time!

      Elizabeth Carr
  • Robin is a fantastic dentist. He was very helpful when I had concerns about any part of my treatment. The end result is that I can now smile without feeling like people are looking at my teeth. Robin and his staff have given me more confidence and I cannot thank them enough. I shall always recommend Wayside Dental Practice.

      Scott Johnson
  • I have found Amit to be an expert, efficient and caring dentist. Together with his assistant Leanne, they make an excellent team, highly recommended.

      J Fraser
  • At the beginning of last year I arrived at Wayside and met Amit who is extremely courteous and meticulous. Amit examined my mouth thoroughly and suggested a treatment plan that I have now completed and am extremely happy with. May I take this opportunity to thank Amit and his assistant Leanne for their outstanding professionalism throughout my treatment and to thoroughly recommend him to anyone considering similar treatment.

      F S Smith
  • Thank you so much to Mr Turk for the care and attention that you gave me yesterday and that is not to forget the skill that went with it. I have no memory of a previous tooth extraction with so little post operative after effects. Thanks again so much.

      Mr V Manton
  • I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Emily and Sophie who made a very difficult visit a complete success. You were both amazingly patient with my 7 year old who was scared and off the scale anxious about having his teeth cleaned. It wasn’t all plain sailing but you persevered and he is now extremely proud of his sparkly clean teeth. Thank you.

      Mrs W
  • I have just completed the treatment for two implants to replace my missing upper first left and lower first right molars. I received excellent treatment and care throughout my time with Amit.

      Mrs S Simpson
  • Amit is a welcome member of Wayside Dental Practice. I have twice had a dental emergency and each time Amit has made time for me to be treated, in order to fulfil social appointments without embarrassing ‘gaps’. He is courteous, professional and highly skilled with Leanne working quietly and efficiently in the background. I am grateful to them.

      Christine Horden
  • I would like to thank everyone from your receptionists who booked me in, to your staff who offered words of comfort following my initial visit and of course to Carlos and his assistant for their patience, pain free experience and injection of humour.

      Amanda Palmer
  • Thank you so much Amit, to you and and your lovely nurse, for your kindness yesterday. I was frightened but had no reason to be as you were so kind

      Pat Coxell
  • I recently had an implant bridge fitted and am really pleased with the result. Much care and attention was taken in the design and fitting to make the teeth comfortable and natural looking. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Amit Maisuria.

  • I have been attending Wayside Dental Practice for a number of years now for my dental care under the expert care of Mamta Gupta. She makes attending dental check ups a much more enjoyable experience as her warm and friendly nature always puts me at ease. Her ongoing professionalism and skills make visits to the dentist much more bearable. Thank you Mamta and Nadine.

      April Blindell
  • I now have a fully functioning tooth! Thank you so much Carlos. I can’t believe that after all these years I can eat again on that side!

      Mrs B

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