Comfort Dentistry & Drill Free Fillings

Comfort Dentistry & Drill-free Fillings

The Wand

All of our clinicians use The Wand to deliver anaesthesia. This offers gentler pain relief than the traditional syringe. In fact, it is so gentle that often patients do not know they have had it. This achieved by a computer that controls the delivery of the anaesthetic at a pressure that is barely perceptible. It also provides more localised pain relief, often just one tooth, and a quicker sensation recovery. It is especially good for children.

The Wand

Drill Free Fillings- Waterlase Laser Dentistry

We have dental lasers that can be used to prepare a tooth for a filling and often there is no need for anaesthesia. Rather than a drill, a laser light and a gentle spray of water is used which typically causes little or no discomfort-the only sound is one similar to popping corn. The decay can be removed extremely precisely to preserve more of the healthy tooth structure and avoids possible micro-fractures that can be caused by the friction of the drill. For more information please go to the Laser Dentistry page.

Air Abrasion

This system allows us to provide painless, anaesthetic-free treatment of early to moderate decay. It works by sending a jet of air with tiny abrasive particles to the area and is extremely precise. The result is a minimally invasive and pain free method of removing decay.

Crystal Air Abrasion

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